Saturday, April 7, 2012

Living Room Update


Pink shag, shiny paneling, and track lighting!

 It is starting to feel like home!

I am hunting for something big to go over the sofa.    

I finally have a spot for the coffee table I bought last year at Springfield.  I love all the chippy paint!

I decided to go with bamboo shades from Home Depot.  I happy with my decision so far.

I ordered these 84" curtains from Target as I was going to place them on tension rods inside the windows. When I got everything up there it just looked to squished.  So I took all the panels back to Target and got online to order the 95" so I could hang them from a rod above the window.  Well just my luck they were out of stock and still are!  I have been waiting about 3 weeks now for them to get more in stock but to no avail.  I think I am just going to start looking for some fabric and have some made.  
Loving our pine paneling.  The long term plan is to either mount the TV to the wall and build some type of frame/cover around it or just get a bigger TV cabinet  

I also need to start searching for some different lighting.  There is a hole above the TV where the track light used to be and we still have a ceiling fan that I had to take the cover off so it would actual produce some light.

My $99 K-Mart chairs are still holding on strong.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour around our new living room!


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