Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Ya'll

 He has risen!

Our Easter started out at church celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ!
After church we went to my parents house for lunch and a leisurely afternoon.  I had fun setting the table and picking snapdragons and peonies from Mom's garden for the centerpiece.

Menu: Chicken casserole, asparagus,toc salad,cranberry relish,deviled eggs, and rolls

We were minus Dad, as he had to work :(

What else but carrot cake for dessert!

Chloe and Rich played Bocee ball and the rest of us just relaxed.

I did snap a couple pictures of Christopher's vegetable garden with few plants popping up and some of Mom's flowers.

While we were all taking it easy this momma wren was busy keeping her chicks fed!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


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