Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 This is two weekends worth of happenings.

Rich's great grandmothers bed got a fresh coat of spray paint and it is all set up in the guest room awaiting bedding/its first over night guest.

I have started to recover these chairs.  These were given to me and I have held on to them for the past 5 years because they are great with the exception of the plastic green covering.  I have considered getting them recovered but have been to lazy to load them up and get a quote on how much that would cost. 

So now that every waking hour is not consumed by construction I have started to recover them myself.  I decided to use what I already had to minimize the cost of the project.  

Here is a sneak peak!

To keep my creative energy up I have been eating Moon Pie's made right here in Chattanooga!

Mom and I have been painting, cleaning, sanding, pricing, you name it, to get ready for the sale this upcoming weekend!

Miss Chloe made these cute pictures for her room.   I think I will commission her to make me some!

I hope this does not gross you out...

In between all my projects
 my fisherman husband got two hooks in his head...I sent him to the ER by himself, as this is the 3rd time he has hooked himself since I have known him....

He is fine!

finally we all had a great time watching Chloe ride Rascal at the horse show!

Next weekend is the big SALE!  Pray for good weather and a great turn out!


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