Thursday, April 29, 2010

Engagement Party

Last weekend my parents threw Rich and I a small engagement party with family and close friends, it was lovely! The decor was kept simple and my mom used the colors I want to use for the wedding, the table cloths were a olive green and the center pieces were natural with lots green and white. The menu was delicious we had a wonderful chicken casserole with a fresh salad with some lettuce from my brother Christopher's garden! Here are a few pictures from the party.

The dinning room table dressed in green

Place cards Chloe and I made using card stock, a stamp from Micheal's, and raffia
Mom made this cute center piece using a dough bowl and a variety of white and green plants in varying heights

Candles were scattered down the table as well as two hurricanes filled with white beans and sticks...I love sticks!

Christopher slicing lemons

Chole helping with the salad

Rich looking productive

Our friends

The girls...Marissa we missed you!

Opening a gift from the Allen's

Rich's mom had this picture frame made at The Tree House which makes personalized gifts here in Chattanooga. The picture in the frame is from the night we got engaged and the picture frame is decorated in green and brown, and says "coming soon...Mr. and Mrs. Allen," so cute and thoughtful!

The party was so fun! Thanks Mom and Dad for throwing it for us and to all our other family and friends who came to help us celebrate!


  1. Callie, I'm really behind but I still wanted to tell you congrats! I'm so happy for you! :)
    (sorry it says from Cameron. He's got a blogspot but I don't)