Monday, April 26, 2010

Window Boxes

I am by no means a gardener...but this past fall I decided to get some window boxes. I thought they would be a easy way for me to jazz up the front of my house and I could practice my gardening without committing to a whole flower bed. I put white pansies and ivy in the boxes for fall and they did pretty good...thanks to my mom and Rich who were the only ones who took care of them...oops!
Now it is time to get ride of the pansies and plant something for spring and summer. Below is a picture from Better Homes and Gardens, where they have made it simple for those who know nothing about flowers by coding this window box which is full of flowers that do well in the shade. Hopefully I will do better with my window boxes this time around...
A.Impatiens in Accent Pink
B. Impatiens in Pink Swirl
C. Dichondra Silver Falls

Here are some more cute window boxes


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