Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rustic Reception

I love this old piece of wood that was used to let guest know they are in the right place.
This barn is rustic but with the addition of the curtains elegant at the same time.
The barn is lined with these candle sticks...I'm not crazy about these...
Each chair has its own bunch of wheat straw with some flower embellishments, I like this as a way to "jazz up"the rental chairs.
This is a lot of BROWN for me... but I can appreciate the concept.
This drink station with different apple ciders is really cute and the pewter goblets continue to carry the rustic theme throughout the reception.
Simple country food is perfect.
I'm not a big fan of pies...I would rather have cupcakes or a traditional wedding cake.
This old car is perfect for the bride and groom to exit the reception!


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