Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lakewood Here We Come

My mom and I are going to Lakewood 400, in Atlanta this weekend! Hopefully we will find some great stuff, here is what I am on the lookout for...

I really want some transferware dinner plates and a nice platter to hang over my stove.

Okay so I know this portrait looks a little creepy but I want a something along these lines. I would like a little girl and a little boy either a oil painting or a oil pastel drawing in muted colors.
I really need some burlap pillows to go in my living room on my cream accent chairs.

I can always use more iron stone...I am trying to fade out all of the flowered dishes I have and replace them with ironstone.
This is a NEED...I need a bookcase so so badly! Right now I am using a wicker one that I have had since I was a little girl, it is cute but not really my style anymore. So if I could find one similar to this or one without panes and lots of peely paint I will be ecstatic.


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