Friday, May 18, 2012

Bathroom Update

 I thought by now I would be showing you a 90% done master bath.  But as with everything I have been in charge of on this renovation, things did not go smoothly at the install!  The cabinet installers brought the vanities in and what do you know...they were not lining up with the light fixtures.  I am going to leave it at because the story is rather long.  

I am having to have a new center drawer cut for my make-up area as well as a counter top.  But this is what we have so far.  Phillips plumbing is schedule to install the toilet and the fixtures next week, and I hoping Rich can hang the mirrors this weekend.  I will be doing a "lessons learned" post at some point.  I am not sure I could ever deal with building a house.  Although I guess if you have a builder it would be different...

The walls are not yellow.  It just looks like this because I took the pictures with my phone.


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