Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 It has taken me awhile to recoup from the sale this past weekend!  

Mom's plants sold like hot cakes!  

Christopher cut out these books for the sale and they turned out so well.  The pineapple and the Flour De Les are my favorites.

I bought a fern to go in my fireplace to make it feel more like spring.  I am really enjoying it, and I am hoping that it gets enough sun in there.

We are still lacking a mantel but it is next on the list after the kitchen.  I played around with the ledge, I want call it a mantel for a minute.  Everything on there is to small but it looks better then least for now

We got our garden planted and I can not wait to eat fresh veggies.  I also plated some Zinnas, Sunflowers,and Lupinus hoping they do well.

Since we have moved in we have been working at snails pace and taking a much needed break from construction.  But we are back on track, and we finally have some closet doors!  This is huge because I have been putting off painting them forever...

Last but not least we ordered our kitchen cabinets from Ikea!  It was quite the ordeal.  I am hoping I can talk Rich into doing a post about it.  But needless to say they are on order and I am nervous about them...I hope they all fit.  We ended up going with out original layout but with a much shorter island.  We will keep you posted!  

I can already tell you that the highlight of next weekend is Richards graduation from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga!  So excited for him!


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