Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 On Friday I managed to drag Rich to Home Goods.  Our master bathroom vanity is being installed on Monday and I wanted to look for some mirrors.

Here are some of the goodies we saw.

I really liked this little stool.  A year ago I don't think it would have even caught my eye.  I am going through a little style crisis...I am not really sure what my style is these days....eclectic?

Same with these lamps.

I love that you can fill these.


Wish I had a cute garden to put this in.

Great for outdoor dining, this would be really cute with mason jars filled with silverware.

Wish I had these for the laundry room.

 We did have some luck with mirrors!  Rich looks excited doesn't he ?!?

I had Rich working on "honey do's" all weekend!  First on his list was taking down this monstrosity and replacing it with something more appealing.  I am hoping everything goes smooth with our vanity and I will do a whole master bed/bath post.

We also went to a lovely wedding, more on that later!

And the best for last!  Happy Mothers Day!  Had a great afternoon with my mom.  I can't wait until my kitchen is done so I can cook for her! Love ya Mom!


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