Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 Chloe graduated from 8th grade on Friday!  Next year she will be in high school, so hard to believe!

Chloe with her her friends.

Emery and Chloe

Saturday Rich and I got a early start and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Who knew you could get something other then eggs and bacon there. 

Next we hit up a couple stone yards to look at potential countertop options.  I am not a huge fan of granite.  I do not like all of the little specks.  I prefer something with movement.  However, it is one of the most practical and durable options with a decent price tag.

This is Giallo Ornamental, Rich really liked this one.

This is what I like!  I adore this marble slab, but at 60+ a square foot and with a possibility of staining, it was not an sad.  I just love the look of it with the white cabinets, such a light and clean feel.

This is a granite called Silver Cascade.  The red is the reflection of my shirt and not in the granite.  I liked this one because it had a lot of movement like the marble. 

However, we ruled it out.  I think it was a little to contemporary for us.

Giallo Ornamental made it home with us. and I think it goes really well with the wall color and the cabinets.  Now we just have to choose a slab and get it installed on top of our cabinets that should be here by the end of this week!

We made one slight detour to the junk yard. 

They had a couple mantels but nothing big enough for our fireplace.  We came out empty handed but it was still fun to rummage around! 


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