Thursday, June 21, 2012

Count Down To Home Cooking...5

I had a great dinner with my friend Jessica tonight!  She made homemade pizza and we started planning her son's first birthday party!  

So YUMMY!  Jessica's meal has inspired my count down to be being able to cook for real in my kitchen.  I hope that I will only have four more posts about the kitchen with the 5th one being the first meal cooked in the new kitchen!

I had Rich put on two doors...I could not wait!

I picked out a new granite today.  It is called Arabesco and has a lot more white in it and looks clean and crisp with the cabinets.  I think it is the winner!

Since the cabinets arrived Rich has been doing all the assembling.  He is doing such a great job!

I have been supervising of course :)

I carry a cabinet every now and then in between staring at my new mantel! 


  1. Woweee! I've been published! So Cool! I really enjoyed our dinner and party planning! Now for the shopping...