Saturday, June 9, 2012


So you may run across THIS blog that looks identical to mine. 

 I don't really mind that the background is the same, it was a free one I found on Google, but the fact that the background and the name are identical to mine...well that is a little much.  

I was not flattered....that this girl completely copied my blog!  I asked politely about three weeks ago for her just to change her name.  I mean why would you want the same name and look as someone else?  Anyway she has not changed anything about her blog, so I am changing the look of mine.  It may be a mess around here until I figure out what I am doing.

Happy Weekend!


  1. It's uncanny how similar her blog is to yours...creepy. Not just the name and design but the actual content. Particularly the wedding location part--twilight zone?