Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 It has been a busy busy weekend to say the least.

We had so much fun at Bryan and Katie's barn wedding!  

I went to the granite place for the third time this week.  I am in love with this slab minus the couple of iron deposits it has.  The company is checking with their distributor in Atlanta so see how many other Arabesco slabs they have and if they have iron deposits as well.  

Rich continued assembly on the kitchen.  I helped with drawers!

We also had this little guy come by who was more then happy to help :)

I filled up my tank with less then $3 gas!

We had Sunday dinner at Papaw's house.

Memee cooked this amazing Caribbean chicken dish!   It was delish!

I went through some of my great grandmother's pictures.  She lived to be 105!

 One side of the kitchen is 75% complete!  Rich and the Phillips crew did such a great job getting everything installed just right!  So glad my family is so handy :)

The rest of my house looks like this...hopefully only one more week of cooking out of two rooms.


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