Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 We had a busy weekend and the fun will continue this week!

I worked in the yard transplanting some veggies to a sunnier spot with hopes they will grow grow grow!

I sorted and stored Northern white beans.
For two people Rich and I have an outrageous food bill so in an effort to be frugal I bought dried beans instead of canned beans.

We enjoyed fireworks from the roof to celebrate the end of Riverbend.

Father's Day!

Christopher and Rich drew my Papaw's '40 Ford for a nice backdrop to our hot dog lunch.
 Dad about to chow down.


 Mom and Papaw

Christopher mixing up homemade ice cream.

Adding ice and salt

Waiting, waiting, waiting

So worth it!  Homemade peach ice cream!

Monday was a big day.  Papaw installed our beautiful mantel.  I am in love with it!  
It is so perfect....I could go on and on!  It is the icing on the cake for the fireplace make over, and the fact that papaw made it makes it so special! 

Our cabinets were also delivered Monday afternoon.  That doesn't look like a whole kitchen's worth of cabinets does it?!?   But everything is there, we just have to put it together.

Love my sink!

This is what Rich has assembled as of last night.  I can't judge it yet.  Nothing is secured to the walls, and the doors will go on last...But so far my only comment is, they are big.  I guess I was just getting used to having empty open space.

Rich is hard at work as I type and our goal is to have everything assembled by the weekend.


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