Saturday, October 3, 2015

Neutral Paint

By popular demand...a post on interior paint colors!

I grew in a home of white walls so naturally I am drawn to light neutral colors.

Here are some of my favorites.

You can not go wrong with Decorators White by Benjamin Moore.  This is a clean white that stays true to color even with the changing light throughout the day.  What I love about white walls is that you can change your whole color scheme without having to paint which can be a pain!  

Next up, Requisite Gary by Sherwin Williams.  Although I have never used this color if I was going to paint my walls gray I think I would go with this.  Finding the right gray is so hard because so many have blue and green undertones.

On to tan.... When it was time to choose a paint color for Twin Brook (if you are new to the blog, Twin Book is the fixer upper my husband I remodeled from sub floor to crown molding with lots of help from our sweet family and friends.  You can relive our journey by clicking here)...hardest decision ever...I choose Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore in an eggshell finish.  It was hard for me to break out and choose a color other than white, but I wanted to try something that had some warmth to it.  Overall I was happy with the color.  The quality of the Benjamin Moore paint however did not impress me.   

When we move to the condo since the space was so small, only 750 sq. I wanted to go with light and bright to make the space feel bigger than it really was.  I ended up choosing Origami White by Sherwin Williams.  I have been really happy with this color and the quality.  I think Sherwin Williams will be my go to brand for years to come.

Finally, I love this navy blue!  Blue is one of my favorite colors to decorate with and I have tons of blue accents all over.  I would never paint a whole house this color, but I think it would be great for a powder room or laundry room.  In the picture below they have painted their foyer and stairwell which looks great!

My three tips on choosing paint colors are:

1. Buy a quart of the color you are considering and paint a huge swatch on your wall, and watch the color through out the day.  A paint that is supposed to be white could look very green at 3 o'clock in the sun.

2. Choose and eggshell finish.  This is the most durable and easy to clean finish.  If you are purchasing trim paint I would recommend a semi gloss.

3. For the main areas of the home I would recommend sticking with one paint color.  This will allow for a good flow and flexibility when decorating. 


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